Thursday, October 3, 2013

How Can We.......

How can we go into other countries and say you need to have a democracy when it is becoming more apparent every day that WE do not have a democratic nation at this time!

It is the year 2013 and we are still allowing young black men to be shot in the street with no repercussions, we are telling women that they do not have enough brains in their heads to make choices that effect their own bodies (apparently only a white male is capable of this), our children are going hungry, our old people are being forgotten and the middle class has all but disappeared!

There is a small privileged group of individuals who have taken over and want to make all of the decisions for us.......who gets health care, what you can do with your own body, who is important and who is not.......WAKE up people!  These individuals believe that less than 10% of us are  important.  The other 90% are only of use to them if they can be kept docile and gullible!

I am so tired of hearing that the Nazi (republican) side of our government spew so many lies that even they can't keep them straight, but even more tired of hard-working people so fearful of having a black man in the white house that they line up to eat this BIG pile of s""t and ask for more.

If you are not one of the elite and you are voting with these idiots there is no hope for you

As for me and my house this is what Freedom means to me......I believe in Prayer and that you should be allowed to pray where you wish (but not force anyone else to your views)......I believe that the color of a persons skin should not factor in how you treat them......I believe that LOVE is LOVE and should be accepted unconditionally.......I believe if you hurt a child that you should be sent to God for judgment (today not tomorrow) and I believe that if our "government" really cared about this country they would stop behaving like children and DO THEIR JOB.

Enough ranting.....I hope that tomorrow is better than today and that I will see true FREEDOM before I go to meet my God

Have a blessed day

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