Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Okay, so I am sitting here watching Rachel and once again thinking how amazingly smart she is. She said something tonight about Medicare being an entitlement (not her words but the meaning I took from them). All of a sudden I started thinking about all the things that the Republican's are calling entitlements that need to be cut......so here goes, we get medicare (which we pay for), social security (oh, yeah we pay for that too).............I am at loss.....I cannot think of one thing the working class american gets as an ENTITLEMENT.
On the other hand I can think of all the things we don't get with all the money we pay in taxes (federal, state, sales, property, etc.) we do not have decent schools, there are still children that do not get enough to eat, or a safe place to live, we do not have quality, inexpensive insurance......I could go on but WHY?
Wake up American......back your democratic candidate and lets see if we can control all the top decision making spots and see if things change........I mean could they really do a worse job?
I just want to end this with a message to my best friend.......I love you honey and just know that I am here if you want to talk or just breathe together over the phone.......let our friend take care of you and don't be too much of a bear....take comfort in each other and know that I send love to both..
Have a blessed day and a better tomorrow