Friday, March 13, 2009

What Scares Me!?

I know most people are afraid of murderers and rapists and people generally just out to do harm wherever they can....but I am not afraid of those people.....after all we have made them. We as a society have shaped and molded some of those people into becoming the monsters that they are....our lack of sympathy......our ability to look the other way......our propensity for not wanting to get involved to help a child who is being beaten, abused, neglected.....who is going hungry or living on the streets.....what did we think would happen? Did we think that there would not be consequences for our lack of humanity? No, what really scares me are the "right fighters" you know the ones.....the individuals who believe that their beliefs are the only ones and that if you will not be with them then you must be elimnated "by any means necessary". These are the people who bomb abortion clinics (in the name of God) to show that abortion is murder and should not be condoned......these are the people who plant bombs in schools, churches and federal buildings because they believe the government is corrupt (and it is) but they do not get the target of their rage they get innocent men, women and children just trying to get through their lives.....these are the people who believe that killing human beings is justified because they need to get their message across that we are destroying the planet and should be aware of that and stop "raping" the land. So what scares you? Is it the monsters that we cultivated and bred or the seemingly "normal" people who only want what they want "at any costs?"

I believe that everyone answers to only one.....and only in the end....and that we "human beings" are the least qualified to JUDGE of any of God's creatures. So keep this in mind for we will all answer to God in the will you come out?

Be kind to one as many children as you can. Have a blessed day and a better tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Falling in Love

I was sitting here watching Christopher Titus doing a stand up routine (Love is Evol) that was hilarious, but it got me to thinking "why do we say falling in love?" We all know about the beginning of a new we can't wait to see the person or talk to them on the phone (even if we really don't like talking on the phone)... the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when they look at you....but what happens when we finish falling? If we are really lucky we find that being in love is just as wonderful as falling in love. Being in love means finding the best friend you will ever have, being able to be yourself (even with your glasses on and you hair pulled back) and they will still love you and think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Being in love is far better than falling in love......because being in love will last for the rest of your life and beyond. Being in love does not mean that there will always be blue skies and sunshine but gives you the knowledge that when the rain comes there will be someone there to keep you from drowning.....being in love does not mean that you will agree with everything the other person says or does....but gives you the ability to accept that there may be some merit to a different opinion than your own....being in love does not mean that you will never be cross, or angry or hurt....but gives you the capacity to forgive, discuss and heal so that you can become a stronger person. So, all in all, I think that I would rather be in love than fall in love any day of the week (and twice on Sundays). Be kind to each other, love each other and have a blessed day and a better tomorrow.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Get A Clue!

I was watching a show last night that involved a grown man having sex with 14 year girl which led me to make the statement that "I really cannot comprehend how a grown man can be turned on by a child" a discussion ensued which debated whether it was just a perversion or a brain disorder (caused by aborted emotional development at a young age). At the end of this discussion, much to my surprise, a statement was made that by accepting homosexuality we were opening the area to pedophiles (sp?) trying to gain acceptance of their behavior (something called MAMBLY was referenced). At first I thought I heard wrong and then I was just dumbfounded. On what planet are the two even remotely connected? Homosexuality is between 2 (or more) consenting adults and legal, pedophiles are not even in the same stratasphere, they destroy the innocence of children and take away the very thing they say the "love" about children. I was unaware (or just didn't want to be) that there were actually people in this world who believe the two are the same. I have a very open mind but even I can't get around this one, and the organization called MAMBLY is lobbying in Washington for acceptance! If this is true then we are more lost than even I thought. I believe that whatever consenting adults do in the privacy of their own space is their own business and should be respected as such. However, I believe that no pedophile can be rehabilitated and should either be locked away in a prison, put on a deserted island with like minded individuals or simply shoot them all and let God sort it out, but under no CIRCUMSTANCES should a person of homosexual nature be compared to a PEDOPHILE that is just disgraceful and disgusting.

Our children our future we must protect them at all costs and teach them love, tolerance and acceptance so that we might actually have a future. Be kind to each other, save a child and have a blessed day and a better tomorrow.



Who, What, Where, When and Why.....these are the questions that allow us to learn as we grow. I often wonder "why do some people lose their curosity?" As someone who is curious about all things and is constantly asking the above questions, people who lack this particular feature confuse me. When did they stop wanting to learn? Why did they stop being curious? Does this mean that they have found all the answers? My oldest child was a "WHY" child (which did sometimes drive me crazy and often made me revert to the "because I'm the mommy and I say so statement) my youngest child was a "WHAT" child (which is easier but still sometimes frustrating) as they have grown older they are still WHY and WHAT children.

I have found that in life curiosity is a good thing (mainly) and that without it we stop progressing. If you are curious about something then you will learn more about what it is that interests you, which in turn will help you to grow as a human being. So are those people without curiosity done growing or have they just given up? I hope that I am still asking (and hopefully getting) the answers to all the questions in my head, even as I draw my last breath. Curiosity may have killed the cat (but at least he learned something by it) so I will keep being curious and keep learning (and hopefuly keep growing). Learn something new today, have a blessed day and a better tomorrow.