Friday, December 31, 2010

Lightbulb Moment

I had the most hellicious experience with Pizza Hut last night.....which I will not go into. However, after arguing with the moron's at Pizza Hut (about my money) I had a light bulb go off in my head. Washington works for us, which is not news to me but, and this is the light bulb......not only do we pay their salaries but they use our money to run the country (which makes us shareholders). This bears repeating THEY USE OUR MONEY TO RUN THE my question is this "am I the only person to remember this?" If they are borrowing money from China (and they are) then we are the people responsible to repay this I ask you "why do we continue to abdicate our good judgment for theirs?" When are American's going to step up and say "NO MORE". I understand that rich people want to keep their money, they earned it (mainly) and deserve to keep it.......but the rest of us earned our money (always) and we deserve to keep it. If the Country (corporation) is to run equally for everyone then the answer is the Flat Tax.......everyone should pay one rate with no exceptions.......why is this concept so hard to understand and why can't Washington get it done?

I know that this opinion may not be the most popular......but, really it is the only way that the burden of running this country would be equal for everyone.

Also, this is the year 2010 (soon to be 2011) and Washington needs to catch up with technology. We are now given a social security number at birth (not when we start working). Why can't we have everyone who is registered to vote do so on all the major issues. If, when a bill is being passed, everyone who is registered to vote was able to get online and vote on the issues then we could hold the politicians responsible for going against what the MAJORITY in their states really want to have happen. We are supposed to be a democracy, which is intended for the majority to why can't this happen?

I don't know how to fix this but hopefully someone who is smarter, with more power, will get elected and "Git r done".

Have a safe, blessed and happy new year and hope for a better tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year

It is getting closer to the New Year and I am starting to get excited....I don't know why but somehow I feel that our President and the Democrats are going to step up and fight it out with the Republicans over the next 2 years and we might actually win some! Just trying to keep a positive note until proven wrong. Christmas was good, and the children are wonderful. I am excited to start my new healthy lifestyle in 2011. I will be using a personal trainer to get in shape and taking a cooking class on healthy meals.

Hope you all have a Happy and Blessed New Year and a better tomorrow.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

The Christmas bug finally bit me. After watching Rachel Maddow last night and seeing an upturn in recent events I finally got a little bit of the Christmas spirit. I know that this will not last long and that the new year will bring many battles and disappointments, but, for now I will just enjoy this feeling and worry about next year when the time comes.

I hope that this last week has re-inspired confidence in President Obama and his abilities. After hearing what the Republicans intend to use as their campaign platform in the 2012 elections I am feeling hopeful that working Americans will finally step up and take the responsibility of monitoring Washington politicians more seriously and send a very distinct message to the politicians in Washington that the bad attitudes and worse behaviours will no longer be tolerated.

This country was founded on deceit and violence......that does not mean that we have to continue this tradition. Wake up America before all is lost and we no longer have any rights or freedoms. Our rights and freedoms came at a terrible cost and the fact that 9/11 was used as an excuse to slowly strip away any personal rights and freedoms that we have is appalling.

Step up people and tell anyone who wants to put our Country at risk, and those that think that the working American people have checked out, that we will not allow that to happen and that they, and we, will be held accountable for making this a better Country for EVERYONE not just the very rich.

Take a minute during this holiday season.....say a your kids......and KEEP A WATCHFUL EYE ON WASHINGTON.

Hope you have a blessed day and a better tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Now?

As I ponder the coming year and what it will mean for all of us I am left wondering.....where has all the common sense and accountability gone? I am not the smartest light bulb in the box when it comes to politics but, seriously, what happened to making our elected officials answer for their actions? When did we abdicate our responsibility to keep the government in line? I have listened to people criticize the way the President is doing the job and it is starting to really chap my ass. The Republicans make all these negative statements (without merit) about the items that are important to working Americans that President Obama has been trying to deal with for the past 2 years, but they have come up with no workable alternatives. We all know how easy it is to sit in your chair and say "well that won't work" but if you truly believe that it won't work then come up with an alternative plan and work with the President not against him, particularly if you are working against him for no reason other than the fact that he is the one that came up with the idea.

For the Democrats, I can only say, put your big boy/girl pants on and support the President and work with him to make things happen. Does this mean that everyone is always going to be happy with the outcome of all the decisions? NO....I had to go to court once and the judge made a comment that I have found to be true more than once......when it comes to 2 parties and working out an agreement.......the comment was "if both parties are not completely happy with the outcome, then it must be fair".

To get to the point of my rant......since this is not a dictatorship, but a democracy, we will all have to make compromises with each other so that all of us get some of what we want, that the economy will recover, that our children and old people are taken care of, that people who want to work can work and most importantly.......WE MUST HOLD WASHINGTON ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR BAD BEHAVIOUR, BAD CHOICES AND NOT LET THEM DETERMINE WHO IS PUT IN THE PRESIDENTS OFFICE.

Hope you have a blessed day and a better tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the Season

As the New Year approaches I am left feeling anxious about the new year and the changes that it will bring. The republican's will hold the majority and that is a scary thing considering how they, as a minority, are handling the closing of this year. I am left wondering when we, as a people, are going to stand up and say "you work for us and we will no longer tolerate your behaviour". Why are Americans so willing to be led to slaughter? The Republicans are basically slapping working Americans in the face with their attitudes about the President. We may not agree with who is holding the office of President but it is up to all the Senators and Congressmen to RESPECT the office. That does not mean roll over and play dead, but discuss and debate the issues and let the majority rule the decisions, after all that is what a democracy is all about. The Republicans have been very clear about their only agenda in the coming year and that is to block anything that might reflect positively on President Obama so that he is a "one-term president", which pisses me off considering that it is supposedly American people who decide who will become President.

Here is the deal......if you truly believe that America is a democracy and that the politicians have lost sight of who they report to, then you must vote to re-elect President Obama and send a message to Washington that if they want to play games and not do their JOB then they will no longer have that JOB. It is not President Obamas' fault that he has to work with a bunch of juvenile delinquents (who are more interested in having a tantrum) and that the Democrats sat around for 2 years before trying to assert themselves and now want to blame the president for having to make compromises.

I will leave you with this thought........if you will not stand up and be counted then don't complain when they roll right over you and take away everything that you possess.

Hope you have a blessed day and a better tomorrow.


Friday, December 17, 2010


As we approach 2011 I am often left wondering WTF? Am I the only one who thinks that the current situation in Washington is leading us into a Civil War? We have people out of work, barely hanging on and what does Washington do? Well it is the most "sacred" of our christian holidays and they can't be expected to work now! How many of you get a whole month off in December? How many of you have to show up for work but not have to accomplish anything during this very "sacred" holiday? Are Americans really such sheep that we are unable to come together and say "enough is enough". I am not jumping on the "let's blame it all on Obama" band wagon. I personally think that he has accomplished a lot during his first 2 years (especially considering that he is fighting an up hill battle).

Let me break it down for you! The President is in essence "the CEO of America the Corporation" and the House and Senate are the "Board of Directors". As we all know the CEO cannot incorporate any changes without the "Board's" approval, which would be all well and good if the "Board" respected the institution of the office. But, and if you don't this you are an idiot, some of the Board (the Repulicans and some Democrats) do not respect this highest office unless they are the ones calling the shots. So I ask you, HOW CAN THE CEO DO HIS JOB and affect change when we tie his hands, his feet, gag and blindfold him at every turn?

Take note and pay close attention to what happens in January and remember the last time that Americans were divided this violently we ended up in a civil war. So please stand up and be counted, make your voice heard and tell Washington that the "status quo" will no longer be accepted.

Hope you all have a Blessed Day and a Better Tomorrow