Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Black Man in the White House - Better Stop Working

Last night as I sat in my living room watching the government shut down I was not surprised by these events.  This is not about policy or America but this is about a thing that is not spoken of.....RACISM.  There is a select group of individuals that have been elected who have said they had only 1 agenda to make Obama a 1-term president.......this was said before any attempts were made to work with this president and see what is policies or agenda would be......the only reason - HE IS A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

They did not achieve that goal and therefore the majority of hardworking american people must be ignorant and politically unaware so the "tea party" must make the decisions for them and they will not go to work until they get a "Republican (read white)" president.

We have watched this small but extreme group of "tea party republicans" act like 2 year olds because they did not get the toy that they wanted.......and the parents "the rest of the republicans" sit back and watch!  Because they did not get their way in the 2012 elections they are turning into domestic terroists! Unless they get what they want they will simply keep the government shut down!

If democrats give in to this "hostage" situation where does it end?  We all know that this small select group of individuals do not support medicare, food stamps, assistance for families, WIC, etc.  So, come October 17 when we are trying to get an agreement on the debt ceiling, what are they going to insist on getting rid of to allow the government to pay its bills?

The ACA (Obamacare) has already been decided......it has been voted on, signed by the President and supported by the US Supreme Court.  IT IS OVER move on to the next item and DO YOUR JOB.  I wish (I am sure I am not alone in this wish) that I could have a job I could go to everyday and do nothing and still receive a paycheck.

A fully functioning democratic society is one where each side compromises on the issues and come to a decision and live with it.......not throw a tantrum when we don't get our way and keep trying to get it in the back door or hold other items hostage until we do get our way.

I am tired of the "man behind the curtain" pulling the strings, but I am even more disgusted by the "people" allowing this to go on and on and on and on......

COMPROMISE is not a dirty word and the republicans need to remember this.

If you are an individual who is not rich and have worked hard for what you have received and achieved in your lifetime........wake up! The republicans have said "out right" that the we are not important to them! How do they think they got their wealth?  Off our backs!  Support the individuals who are standing up to these "Nazis, terroists, etc."

I leave you with this........if you wish to continue to live in a democratic society then support those individuals who are saying "enough  - no more of these tantrums and WE WILL NOT GIVE IN ON THESE ISSUES!

Remember to get out and vote in the next election and get the 2-year olds with their terrorist attitudes out of the office and lets get back to the job of running the government.

May God Bless and Keep You

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