Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You Happy Now!

I have tried to maintain my silence on the current events happening on the East Coast, but I have to ask "are you happy now"? When the elections happened and the Democrats stayed home or voted republican expecting a change I ask "was this the change you wanted"?

When Hitler took over he started small.....by identifying the unacceptable and then he moved on to taking away the rights of those that he considered unacceptable or subhuman......he then went further and attempted to eliminate all those that would oppose him and that he deemed unacceptable........and then we all know the next step.

I have given this a lot of thought and I wonder (but I no longer hope) if people are going to stand up in the next election and send a message to those that would like to make the average working American extinct.......THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED or will they just lay down and let the Republican's (Nazi's) walk all over them? Have we become so lazy and uninvolved that we will just take whatever Washington wants to dish out?

I (for a brief moment) felt great Pride when I saw the protests that have been happening and then I remembered that the wrong people were in power and that they could protest all they wanted and it would not make a difference........because we voted away our voice!

I will try to be positive but moving to a deserted island is looking better and better everyday.

I hope everyone gets their HEAD OUT OF THEIR ASS and make the 2012 elections count. Do whatever is necessary to register to vote, start early (the Republican's are making it harder to vote Democrat) jump through whatever hoops they set up so that your vote counts and we can send the Nazi's (oops, I mean Republicans) back to their corporations and out of Washington.

I hope you have a blessed day and a better tomorrow!


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